Why is Amethyst known as the Stone of Spirituality and Peace?

Amethyst is a calming purple-colored gemstone that is commonly known as ‘Kathela’ in India. Mostly found in dark and light hues of purple, this stone is also found in violet color sometimes. The crystalline transparency and shine of this stone make it look magnificent.

The amethyst stone color is never even, many times it has hues of white in it. Sometimes, the purple color is darker in some places while lighter in others. This disturbance sometimes makes it look more beautiful.

Mostly, the amethyst stone is found in India, Brazil, Australia, Africa, South America, Uruguay, and Sri Lanka.

This gemstone is used widely for healing. Crystal therapy is very popular these days, and amethyst is one of the gemstones used as a healing crystal because of its properties.

Amethyst contains a lot of power as per the astrologers. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, it helps the wearer gain many benefits.

Amethyst – The Stone of Peace & Spirituality

The amethyst gemstone has a long history. For centuries, this stone has been used as a healing element in many cultures all over the world.

It was believed that this stone have spiritual powers. It increases the power of intuition in its wearer. Spiritually it will guide its wearer to the right path. Also, will keep the person cool and calm, helping him make the right decisions in difficult times.

Deepening the understanding of oneself, an Original Amethyst stone also helps the person in a meditative state which is why it is often used in meditative practices.

Additionally, the amethyst stone is said to activate the third crown chakra in its wearer’s body. This chakra increases psychic abilities and cognitive skills.

Amethyst also keeps the negative influences away and purifies the aura or vibe of the wearer and his surroundings. It works like a protective shield around the spirit of the wearer and this is why Amethyst is known as the stone of spirituality.

As for the title “stone of peace”, people highly believed that this stone has the power to protect people, mentally. In many cultures, it is said that this stone brings peace to its wearer. Giving mental clarity, and increasing the state of consciousness, this stone helps the wearer regulate the emotions as per situations and never go out of control.

So, if you are looking for harmony and serenity in your life, you should consider buying an amethyst stone.

Astrological Significance of the Amethyst Stone

The amethyst stone has many other benefits as well. Some of the other advantages that you will get after wearing the amethyst stone are:

  • It helps to get rid of bad addictions.

  • Financial difficulties can also be solved by wearing the amethyst gemstone.

  • Professional hardships are also said to be overcome by amethyst, so people who are facing obstacles in their careers are suggested to wear this stone.

  • The amethyst stone is one of the most powerful stones in the world. The powers of amethyst are said to heal the personal loss. So if you are grieving the loss of your loved one, the amethyst gemstone will help you deal with it.

  • The positive energy of the amethyst stone is also known to reduce anxieties or stress.

  • Physically, the amethyst stone helps regulate hormones and heal illnesses related to the digestive system, skin, immune system, headaches, etc.

Alternative to blue sapphire, the amethyst stone is often recommended to people born under the Pisces zodiac. People of other zodiacs can also wear this gemstone, but they must first consult an astrologer. It is essential to ensure that your horoscope or birth chart allows you to wear the Amethyst.

To know more about how to take benefits of the amethyst gemstone, please visit: Amethyst Stone: Astrological Benefits & How To Wear?

Amethyst Gemstone Price

Amethyst stone price per carat in India starts from INR 500 per carat but the price range can vary from stone to stone.

Natural Amethyst stone price in India depends on many factors, such as:

  • Color

  • Clarity

  • Cut

  • Shape

  • Origin

  • Quality


An original Amethyst gemstone with enchanting purple hues goes very well with the bold, sparkling, and devout nature of Aries. Symbolizing insight, and instinct, amethyst helps the wearer with spiritual enlightenment.

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