When To Wear Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia) Stone

Cat’s eye stone is without a doubt one of the stones that merit the title of “most unusual gemstone of all time.” Popularly known as Lehsunia gemstone in India, the original cat’s eye stone is hugely lauded for showing the piercing look of a cat’s eye due to an intriguing phenomenon dubbed the ‘Chatoyancy effect’.

Cat’s eye gemstone represents the Ketu planet in the majestic region of Vedic astrology since this planet is inextricably linked with Lehsunia in metaphysical and other dimensions. Astrologers urge those who are suffering from the malevolent effects of the Ketu planet to use the natural cat’s eye under the expert direction of an astrologer. Furthermore, the cat’s eye stone is the alternate birthstone for June, and anyone born under the Zodiac signs Libra, Aquarius, Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, and Gemini can wear the original cat’s eye.

Astrological Benefits of Cat Eyes Stone

There are so many Astrological benefits of wearing Cat’s Eye stone, here are some of the benefits which the Lehsunia Gemstone provides you-

  • The cat’s eye gemstone strengthens the position of the planets Rahu and Ketu in the native Kundali.

  • Ketu is a religious ascendant. Wearing a Cat’s eye stone can help you strengthen your spiritual talents.

  • Because Ketu represents pain and agony, this blessed stone assists in the removal of melancholy from your life.

  • It is a gemstone that attracts peace inside and around you. It also aids in the reduction of attachments to worldly wants.

  • Cat’s Eye Stone can counteract the negative effects of other malevolent planets in Kundali.

  • Furthermore, if you have a strong Ketu, this diamond may do wonders for your life. This stone may also help you achieve fantastic outcomes in both your personal and professional life, as well as offer you pleasure, tranquility, and success.

  • Ketu represents the South Moon node in Vedic Astrology. As a result, it signifies sudden money loss, bad luck, poor health, and mental issues. You may attain the beneficial effects of Ketu while limiting the negative with the aid of Cat’s Eye gemstone.

When To Wear Cat’s Eye Stone

Each gemstone is firmly associated with a certain planet in Vedic astrology, and wearing a gemstone on a favorable day and time may magnify its good benefits and potency by leaps and bounds. The gemstone cat’s eye is related to the planet Ketu, commonly known as the Ketu Planet. It is best to wear the cat’s eye stone on a Tuesday morning during the Purnima Tithi to get the most advantages. Here’s additional information about when and how to wear a cat’s eye stone:

Best Day: Wearing a cat’s eye gemstone on a Tuesday or Thursday is considered the most fortunate day. Wearing the stone on one of these days is thought to boost the beneficial impacts of the Ketu planet in one’s life while diminishing the malevolent aspects.

Best Time: On Tuesday, the best time to wear a cat’s eye stone is early in the morning. To calculate the precise moment of wearing a cat’s eye stone, visit a Vedic astrologer or use an online planetary hours calculator.

Shani Pushya Yoga: Another good time to wear the cat’s eye gemstone is during the Shani Pushya Yoga. Shani Pushya Yoga is a highly beneficial astrological conjunction that happens when the Pushya Nakshatra (constellation) coincides with Saturn’s dominant day of the week (Saturday). When this combination happens, it is said to be an auspicious moment to wear a cat’s eye gemstone to harness the beneficial energies of both Saturn and Pushya Nakshatra.

In Which Finger Lehsuniya Gemstone is Worn

Cat’s eye gemstone is generally worn on the middle finger of the working hand, which is the right hand for most right-handed people and the left hand for left-handed people, according to Vedic astrology. It is also worn on the middle finger of the left hand in several cultures and belief systems, regardless of whether the individual is right-handed or left-handed.

In Vedic astrology, the middle finger is related to the planet Saturn, and Saturn is friendly with Ketu, the ruling planet of the cat’s eye gemstone. Wearing the cat’s eye on the middle finger is said to increase Saturn’s favorable qualities and bring its beneficial impacts into the wearer’s life.

Mantra Of the Cat’s Eye Stone

Here is the mantra of the Natural Lehsuniya stone that you must Chant while wearing or after that when you woke up in the morning while wearing this Original Cat’s eye gemstone at that time you also chant this mantra for more astrological benefits of wearing of Lehsuniya gemstone.

“ Om Pram Preem Proom Sah Ketavay Namah”

Where To Buy an Original Cat’s Eye

The Original Cat’s Eye stone or Natural Lehsuniya Stone is one of the most precious and powerful stones in the gemstone world, it was associated with the planet Ketu. The Lehsuniya stone is one of the nine gemstones or “Navaratnas”. Now you can buy this precious gemstone from online vendors like Rashi Ratan Bhagya, they are the loose gemstone wholesaler since 1985 and they deal in gemstones like yellow Sapphire, ruby, Red coral, Blue sapphire, Emerald and so many other precious and semi-precious Gemstones at the best price along with the certificate of authenticity.

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