Finding the Perfect Fit: Understanding Electronic Door Lock Prices

A digital lock is the best solution to common problems, such as losing keys and the security of the locks. They make locking and unlocking the door more convenient and easier to control the people who have access to your property.

With the many alternatives of locks, understanding the electronic door lock prices is essential in finding the perfect fit for your need and budget. Price is determined by factors that contribute to the lock’s reliability and security functionality.

What are the key factors to consider when understanding the lock price?

Type of Electronic Lock

Digital locks are available in various types depending on the door to be fitted and the access options of the lock. The more the access option, the more convenience. This invariably leads to higher lock prices. Common types include:

  • Keypad lock – The locks require a numeric code to give access. 
  • Card locks – The locks use a key fob or a card to unlock. 
  • Biometric locks – They use biometric data such as fingerprints to give access.
  • 2 in 1 access – The lock combines a pin code and mechanical key to give access.
  • 3 in 1 access – They are more sophisticated and can grant access through fingerprint identification, digital keypads and mechanical key.
  • 4 in 1 access – They are the most advanced with fingerprint recognition, an RFID card, a PIN code and a mechanical key. 

Features of the Lock

Electronic locks have advanced features that determine their prices. The features include their locking mechanism, where a lock with basic technology costs less than a lock with a sophisticated mechanism. Locks with features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, activity logs, and integration with other smart devices tend to be more expensive because they can be operated remotely and are more secure. 

Quality of the Material 

Like any other device, the material used in building a lock will determine its price because the material affects the durability, the lock’s strength to withstand weather conditions and its aesthetic appeal. If you choose a lock with stainless steel, its high price is due to the durability, resistance to corrosion and strength of this material. Those made with brass are also durable, resistant to wear and tear and have an elegant and timeless appearance, hence the higher their price.


A brand is an essential consideration if you are looking for a quality lock. The more established and reputable a brand is, the higher the price of its locks compared to those from less reputable brands. The difference is not just from the difference in brands but the level of technology that these brands use. When a brand is more reputable, you can trust the material they use in making the lock. 

Compactness of the Lock

Some electronic locks are designed only to fit specific types of doors. But what happens when you want to upgrade your door? There are locks designed for easy retrofitting and allow you to replace your mechanical lock without significant modification. These locks can be more expensive, but it is understandable because they are cost-effective in the long run. 

The best electronic locks for homes are generally more expensive than traditional locks. Their convenience and features make them more practical for use than conventional locks.

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