Top Linux Cloud Hosting Providers: A Comparison Guide

The finest Linux cloud hosting providers offers options designed to meet all skill levels and varied amounts of hosting resources, from shared hosting to dedicated servers.

Numerous hosting companies exclude OSs from feature lists or comparison tables, keeping users in the dark. While many beginners won’t have a problem with this, others with more technical skill will want to take advantage of particular Linux-specific hosting capabilities.

The ability to have more control over your server, such as the ability to port over a favourite Linux distribution or control panel, is a benefit of the finest Linux cloud hosting for these users.

The majority of Linux hosting companies can fulfil requests and frequently offer cutting-edge extras like DNS, firewalls, private mail servers, and excellent technical support.

The best Linux cloud hosting companies have all undergone extensive testing. The top Linux web hosting services are listed below, with comparisons made between them based on features offered, performance, cost, and a variety of other factors.

What We Look For in the Best Linux Cloud Hosting Provider

Given the prevalence of Linux hosting, it can be challenging to choose a decision. To make it easier for you to choose, these are the characteristics we look for in a Linux cloud hosting:

  • More security is the whole point of running Linux, right? We appreciate hosts who provide some assistance in this area, especially if they also include additional security measures without charge.
  • Good Assistance. Everyone requires assistance occasionally, even if it’s just to find a configuration file’s missing semicolon. The top cloud hosting have prepared teams who are trained to assist.
  • Even though it can be entertaining to go all nerdy with a server, there are instances when you don’t need to complicate your life. We search for control panel alternatives, managed hosting options, and other user-friendliness aspects because of this.
  • Simple scaling. If you can’t instantly scale up your cloud hosting, what good is it? When you’re ready to scale, each host on this list will make it simple and quick for you to do so.
  • Different Linux distributions. The top cloud hosting will give you a variety of possibilities from which to choose. However, some of the alternatives for beginners will only offer one.

Best Linux Cloud Hosting Providers

1. Kamatera

Kamatera has a terrific deal on Linux cloud hosting and is competitively priced. Although it is obviously geared towards enterprise customers, as long as you are familiar with virtual servers, it is still reasonably priced for almost any small business. It’s also quick, dependable, and typically enjoyable to use, in my experience.

Kamatera is at the top of my list because of its simplicity, customizability, and per-second price. Choose from 13 different data centres to start with, customise your own server plan, and begin using the OS of your choosing.

Starting Monthly Price ₹319


Uptime Guarantee 99.99%


Key Features Control panel options, Extended daily backups, Multiple IPs, and Fully-managed option
Money-back Guarantee? 30 days
Free backups? Yes
24/7 Help and Support? Yes, via Email, phone, chat, and ticket

2. InMotion Hosting

As a reputable Linux web host with top-tier packages that provide customers total control over websites, InMotion Hosting is well-known. Regular backups, free website migration, and a website builder are just a few of the many features packed into its shared hosting that make it perfect for beginners.

Plans that support PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, Ruby, Perl, PHP 7, Python, and SSH (secure shell protocol) access are very well suited for technical users as well. However, this is just a beginning.

The more powerful upgrades come at a similar low cost; for the first year, you can acquire optional self-managed cloud VPS hosting for $5 per month. With this plan, you can install, configure, and optimise the server anyway you like after selecting your OS and firewall.

We discovered with pleasure that even its managed VPS hosting gave users root access, giving a respectable amount of low-level management. You may choose between CentOS, Debian, or Ubuntu as your operating system, and InMotion’s Launch Assist gives you a two-hour time frame with knowledgeable expert support to help you resolve any problems you run into throughout the setup process.

Starting Monthly Price $3.49


Uptime Guarantee 99.98%


Key Features Hack and malware protection, free SSL certificate, DDos protection, free domain
Money-back Guarantee? 90 days
Free backups? Yes
24/7 Help and Support? Yes, via phone and live chat

3. Liquid Web

A selection of cloud-based VPS-style hosting services are available from Liquid Web. The drawback of that is a more strict price system. On the plus side, those VPS-style plans are inexpensive and are available in a range of options for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large corporations.

These plans include a complimentary Acronis backup plan and decent resource allotment. Each plan also offers a “value bundle” version that is somewhat more expensive and may contain features like Premium Business Email Service, and automated threat detection.

The dedicated cloud plans from Liquid Web offer more customization options for Linux cloud hosting, but they are much more expensive.

Starting Monthly Price ₹1195


Uptime Guarantee 99.99%


Key Features Managed VPS hosting, Control panels, Off-server backups by default, and Real time hotfixes
Money-back Guarantee? 30 days
Free backups? Yes
24/7 Help and Support? Yes, via chat and ticket

4. Cyfuture Cloud

Most customers looking for Linux cloud hosting desire a completely configurable environment. If you want to simply launch your website and shut down your Linux cloud server, Cyfuture Cloud is the easiest option on this list.

Every part of the server,  streaming video hosting, and administering your website is managed by the Cyfuture Cloud team and designed with novices in mind. Even root access is not permitted.

Even while for some people this is a deal-breaker, Cyfuture Cloud makes Linux simple if you’d prefer not to bother with the specifics.

Starting Monthly Price ₹600


Uptime Guarantee 99.95%


Key Features Unlimited Domains, Unmetered Disks,

Uncapped Bandwidth, 20+ Distros, Switch in a click, and Assured Resources

Money-back Guarantee? 30 days
Free backups? Yes
24/7 Help and Support? Yes, via chat, email, phone, and ticket


In summary, after comparing various Linux cloud hosting providers, it is clear that all providers are better than others in their own way. We compare all providers based on their excellent performance, scalability, competitive pricing, and a comprehensive set of features tailored for Linux-based environments. Ultimately, businesses and individuals looking for reliable Linux cloud hosting should consider linux cloud hosting provider as their preferred requirement and budget.

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