The Strategic Benefits of Offering Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions at the Workplace

The Strategic Benefits of Offering Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions at the Workplace

E-mobility is a global trend, and sustainability goals are a must for companies, not an option. As a result, companies install charging solutions for electric vehicles in their offices, factories, and various facilities. At the same time, more affordable electric vehicle models are coming onto the market, which makes it easier for drivers to switch to electric car.

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, employees consider loading options in the workplace as Proof of sustainability and a bonus from the employer. Offering e-mobility solutions also opens up many advantages for your company. Let us look at the four main reasons why you as an employer should offer electric vehicle charging stations in India.

1. Achieve sustainability goals

Load infrastructure on your company premises clearly shows that you are committed to sustainability. Charging opportunities for electric vehicles can help reduce your company’s greenhouse gas emissions and thus achieve the company’s internal sustainability goals. In addition, with a networked charging solution, it is easy to track and document the effects of your loading program.

2. They help with employee recruitment and retention

Since everyone is talking about climate protection, employees are increasingly concerned with the company’s sustainability agenda. In addition, a company’s sustainability goals are an important factor in recruiting and hiring new employees.

This is where the offer of electric charging stations comes into play. The advantages are obvious: you can not only attract new talents but also increase the commitment and satisfaction of your employees, as they save time and money for the commute to work, have a clear conscience, and contribute to environmental protection.

Charging electric vehicles should be easy for both you and your employees. With a networked charging solution, you can determine who, when and at what cost, and you have full control over, whether you want to limit access to charging stations to your staff and decide whether or not to charge them. Your employees can use our first-class mobile app to easily access charging stations, plan charging sessions, or use the waiting list function to load when necessary.

3. Business advantages through charging options for electric vehicles

Most major companies have already invested in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. And it’s not just about achieving climate goals and participating in global emissions reduction efforts. To put it simply, charging solutions for electric vehicles are good for business.

Rising petrol and diesel prices have made electric vehicles a cost-effective choice. A fleet of electric vehicles for employees helps reduce fuel costs and is also good for our planet. It is a win-win situation.

4. Contribute to the mass acceptance of electric cars

By installing electric vehicle charging stations in India at the workplace, you can also play a pioneering role in the area of sustainability. Employees are encouraged to switch to electric cars, especially those who have no way to install a charger at home. If your office is in a place where electric vehicles are not yet the norm, offering charging stations in the workplace could help, to close a loading gap and position your company as a pioneer in e-mobility.

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