Roadster Bikes: Maintenance Tips for a Smooth Experience on Road

Two-wheelers are the trusted companion of many for daily commutes. Indian riders have a wide range of options with great features and attractive pricing. In the sea of choices, roadster bikes enjoy huge popularity. Belonging to the family of naked bikes, roadsters fall somewhere between a sports bike and a touring bike. These lightweight two-wheelers are mainly designed for daily travel. A roadster will be your ideal partner for the ultimate style and power on the road.

The first few days after buying a bike are generally full of excitement, but the enthusiasm may fade after some time. Your two-wheeler will not perform at its best capacity if handled and maintained with ignorance. If you have a roadster bike on your wishlist or one already in your garage, you must take proper care of it.

Read on for some pro tips on your roadster bikes maintenance to ensure comfort, safety and pleasure on the road!

Tips for Overall Maintenance of Your Roadster Bike

Here are the tips that will allow you to maintain your bikes condition, performance, and safety as you set on your regular journeys!

Know Your Bike

Roadster is one of the many types of bikes available in the market. While the absence of fairing is the key attribute of this type of bike, striking rear, a short front end, and front-wheel-oriented ergonomics are noteworthy features.

Talk to the seller, research online, and read the owner’s manual. These sources will give you a comprehensive understanding of your vehicle. You will further learn specific information on the maintenance and repairs. The owner’s manual may even have recommendations from the owner on the best maintenance practices.

Perform Regular Checks of Different Bike Parts

Once you start riding, you must check the following components of your bike regularly.

Engine Oil

Engine oil is like the blood of your bike. It keeps the engine lubricated and fights heat and friction. Without the correct oil level, your engine will be destroyed. The condition of the oil is equally important. Impurities can turn the oil thick. Oil with any impurities or murk must be changed immediately.


Regular usage can cause damage to the tyre. The air pressure in the tyre may get disrupted, decreasing the traction. You can use a tyre pressure gauge to check and a foot pump to adjust the pressure according to your riding style. While you check the tyre pressure, ensure that there is no object embedded in the tyre, no balding thread and no cracked sidewalls.

Air Filter

Your bike will face dust, debris and other materials when on the road or even sitting in the garage. If these get stuck, they will affect the bike’s intake and the combustion of oil, eventually damaging the engine. Make sure to clean the air filters regularly to safeguard your bike.


A poor battery condition can lead to longer charging time, heat build-up, and shorter life. Hence, maintenance of battery and other electronic components is crucial. The terminals should be greased appropriately and fixed tightly. You should also check the level of distilled water once every couple of weeks.


Without precisely working brakes, safety on the roads can be compromised. The first thing to check is if the fluid levels in the brake fluid reservoirs are up to the required level. Change the brake pads right away if you notice any wear and tear. Be aware of any squeaking or grinding sounds as well.


Ensure all the lights are functioning to prevent any mishap on the road, especially at night.

Meet Legal Formalities

Whether you have a BMW G 310R or a Yezdi Roadster, riding on the roads of India requires some legal mandates. Besides the maintenance of different bike parts, you must always hold the following documents in valid forms!

  • Your driving licence
  • Your bike’s registration certificate
  • Your bike’s insurance policy
  • Your bike’s PUC or Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Your bike’s fitness certificate

These certificates must be renewed before they expire. The absence of any of the mentioned documents or expired documents can result in fines and further legal actions.

Clean Your Bike

Rinse the bike with some water. Then, use washing liquid and a soft sponge to clean any dust build-up or dirt in different parts. Dry the bike with a clean and soft piece of cloth. Air drying may leave watermarks. Feel free to polish the bike using the correct products.


A well-maintained bike will perform better and last longer. The key is to conduct regular checkups and cleanings. You can also take your bike to the servicing centre or talk to experts. Get familiar with the service networks and mobile service facilities for maximum support on or off the road. For example, if you have a BMW roadster bike, knowing your nearest BMW service centre’s location will help!

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