The Ruby Gemstone – Incredible Benefits of the Manik

The ruby gemstone is a beautiful gorgeous gemstone that is known for its blood-red hue. The transparency, the cut, and the lustrous color made it an eye-catching and highly valuable gemstone.

Because of its beauty, this stone is highly used as jewelry. People in ancient times, in the era of Kings and queens, used this stone in their crowns.

Also, the worth of this gemstone is due to its astrological significance as well. In Vedic astrology, the ruby stone is one of the Navratna, which are the nine most powerful gemstones in the world.

Also known as Manik, this gemstone is also called the ‘King of Gemstons’ because of the properties it holds and the benefits it provides to the wearer, which we discuss in this article.

Astrological Significance of the Manik Stone

Vedic astrology connects every gemstone with an astrological planet. These gemstones affect the position of these planets and remove their negative effects. The ruling planet of the ruby gemstone is the Sun. With its fiery, individualistic bold qualities, the sun is said to provide warmth, hopefulness, and individualism boldness to the wearer.

If the sun is in a negative position in your birth chart, then wearing a ruby gemstone is highly favorable. The energy of the gemstone will protect you from the negative effects and bring you a positive aura and vibrations.

Benefits of Wearing the Ruby Gemstone

An Original Ruby stone provides physical, emotional, financial, as well as spiritual benefits to the person who wears a ruby gemstone with devotion and pure intentions.

Know the various benefits of ruby gemstones here:

  • Increases the self-confidence in the wearer, by helping them enhance their communication skills, self-expression abilities, and self-esteem, making the person more presentable and convincing.

  • The Ruby like the sun increases fierceness and boldness in its wearer. They are more determined to take steps towards their aim, as well as to light up people’s lives.

  • Also, for people who have anger issues, the ruby helps them control their anger or frustrated emotions and assists them use this energy of their in something productive.

  • The ruby stone benefits also include healing a person emotionally. It helps in overcoming traumas, reducing stress, tensions, anxieties, and depression, and gaining self-control over the balance of the emotions in the wearer.

  • Spiritually, the Manik stone will help you with your journey to god by helping you open your senses, increasing your intuition powers, and helping you focus more on your inner self.

  • The aura of the ruby is also said to bring success, luck, prosperity, and wealth to the person who wears it.

  • There are also relationship benefits of the ruby gemstone which include supporting your love towards your parents and deepening this relationship. It also includes strengthening your relationship with your partner by promoting understanding and eventually providing you marital bliss.

  • If you are not married yet, the ruby stone brings love to you and helps you attract your potential partner.

  • The physical benefits of the ruby stone include:

  1. maintaining the health of your heart,

  2. regulating blood circulation,

  3. removing toxic substances from your body,

  4. Increasing energy levels,

  5. Helping in digestion

  6. Improving your eyesight

  7. Providing relief from backache, headaches, coughs, and colds,

  8. Reducing nightmares and assisting in getting better sleep.

Ruby Gemstone Price

The Ruby stone is highly demandable as well as a valuable gem which makes it an expensive purchase as well. Basic things like cutting, treatment, and polishing affect the price very much. The better polished and transparent stone with deep color, the higher the rates.

The color shade also affects the cost along with the clarity and weight. Sometimes the origin also makes a difference in the price range.

Generally, the starting price of ruby in India is INR 550 Per Carat to 50000 Per Carat.


A natural ruby stone can work wonders to transform your life and you in a positive way. The ability of this gemstone to increase your self-confidence, protect you from negativity and bring in success makes it a desirable stone.

The cosmic flow of energy through this stone will benefit you a lot if you will wear the stone properly. Therefore, before you wear a dynamically powerful gemstone like Manik, do consult with an expert astrologer or Pandit and get your Kundli checked to ensure the suitability of this stone with your birth chart.

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