How to Save a Photo or Video From Instagram in 2023?

DownloadGram? Do you know how to save Instagram images or videos? Millions of people upload to their Instagram profiles every day. It’s not surprising that so many people want to save Instagram photos and videos and use them at a later date. However, saving an Instagram video can be pretty difficult. 

According to my experience, you can use these methods to save Instagram images or videos in 2023;

  1. Download via source code
  2. Download via screen recorder
  3. Download via Add-ons
  4. Download via 3-rd party apps
  5. Download via online downloaders 

One of the features we are disappointed with on Instagram is that it doesn’t allow users to download content from its platform. That’s why many users are looking for an answer to how to save Instagram photos and videos with DownloadGram. Let us see how to save Instagram videos and photos and videos. 

My top picks 

Whatever your reason is, it’s essential to know that Instagram has strict rules around obtaining other people’s photos and videos. So, let’s review some methods to download Instagram photos and videos! 

Download via source code

With source code, you can download Instagram videos directly from the browser without any app or installation. In actuality, this is a basic method that you can use to download Instagram videos with DownloadGram once you get the hang of it. This is a PC-based method. In this method, you have to use the Inspect Element feature option. So, give it a try! 


  • A better method for PC users
  • No need for an app or any installation


  • Not available for mobiles 
  • Complex method
  • Need a special technical skill to use this method

Download via screen recorder

As we know, the iPhone has a unique feature called a built-in recording option. Using this option, you can record Instagram videos on your iPhones. Simply, click the “Screen recorder” icon. Then, automatically record the video. But the only drawback is that it does not guarantee the quality resolutions of the videos.


  • Very easy method
  • Anyone can try this method without any special technical skill, any app, or any installations


  • You can’t download high-quality videos
  • Full-screen record
  • You can’t share Instagram videos on other social media platforms
  • Only available for iPhones 

Download via Add-ons

This is another basic way that will let you know how to capture videos from Instagram. Is by using add-ons. Only you need to have a browser extension to use this approach. And also this method is only useful for PC users. 


  • No need for any app or software
  • The easiest method for PC users 
  • You can watch videos offline


  • Only you can use this method for PC devices
  • This method does not suitable for mobile users 
  • Need a strong internet connection to load videos

Download via 3-rd party apps

This is the quickest and easiest way to save Instagram images and videos through Instagram. And all these trending apps allow you to save both Instagram images and videos. 


If you want an app for your Android device to download Instagram videos, then check out the InsTake app. You can use this app even on your iPhones. And the download process is quite smooth and you will not face any issues. 


  • Smoothing download process
  • Very intuitive interface
  • Completely free app
  • The download speed is amazing
  • HD quality videos available 


  • It does not work on platforms other than Apple 

Reposter for Instagram 

A very powerful and fast app that helps to download Instagram photos in just a few seconds. This is a famed app among all die-hard Twitter fans including me. This is a very easy-to-use app and you will not have to sign up or do any kind of registration. 


  • Enable or disable the watermark per your needs
  • Mesmerizing performance
  • Download Instagram photos
  • The best app lets you add signatures


  • Only available in the Apple App Store


Forward app to download photos and videos from Instagram. As a special feature, you can try the album downloader feature to download an album and save it to share it with your friends who aren’t present on Instagram. In fact, the platform offers multiple download options for you! 


  • Designed in an organized way
  • Album downloader feature
  • Multiple download quality options
  • No limits on the number of downloads


  • Certain download issues 

Download via online downloaders 

4K Downloader 

4K Downloader; only famous for High Definition quality videos. The coolest feature is its ability to download 4K, 360º, and 3D videos from Instagram and other social media platforms. 


  • One-click downloading option
  • You can easily download 4K and 8K videos
  • Easy-to-use video and audio downloader equipped with a one-click download mode


  • Contain annoying ads 
  • You have to pay high charges 

Story Downloader 

Story Downloader is an amazing and effective app for downloading Instagram content on your Android device. Through its user-friendly and eye-catching interface, you could search and save stories, easily download photos and videos, and repost those to your Instagram page.


  • Simple interface and easy to manage
  • High-quality video download
  • Quick save Instagram content 


  • Contain ads
  • Can not download private videos


Want to save Instagram content on your personal computer or mobile? Look nowhere other than DownloadGram is one of the best software for Instagram users for downloading Instagram photos, videos, reels, stories, and hashtags. The experience is overwhelming. The interface is quite impressive and easy to learn. Anyone could easily use this software conveniently.


  • It allows you to download Instagram videos and images in one place
  • Totally free forever
  • Download Instagram photos and videos with a one click
  • Multi-photo and video download
  • No need to install any app or software
  • Work with any device such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices
  • Completely safe tool forever


  • No cons to show


In conclusion, downloading Instagram videos is easier than ever before with the use of various online tools, mobile applications, and browser extensions. However, it is always important to respect the intellectual property of content creators and ensure that you are not violating any copyright laws when downloading or sharing videos. So, try the best method for you! See you in another article to help you with Instagram. 

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