How to Protect Your Phone While Traveling

The more you travel, the more you realize how much you need your phone. You can use it as a camera, a social networking hub, a language translator, and a restaurant finder. Is it any surprise that power supplies run down so rapidly?

Tips for Keeping Your Phone’s Battery Alive

However, there is no need to fear. Tricks can prolong battery life to make a huge difference while traveling. If you are taking a journey, here are suggestions for keeping your phone charged.

1.      Put Your Phone into Airplane Mode

You cannot turn off your phone’s internet connection abroad or in a more remote location. Your phone will look for a signal everywhere you go.

Tip to Preserve Battery

Put your phone into “airplane mode” to prevent cellular data and the phone’s constant search for a signal. Or add an international plan that includes free roaming, data, texting, and flat-rate calling to your phone service before you leave.

2.      Switch to Power Saving Mode

Your phone’s battery is almost dead, but you have already composed the perfect sunset photo in your mind, complete with a palm tree, sand, and an overwater bungalow. It is impossible to stop and look for a power source. If your phone’s battery life is short, slow it down to make the most of the time with it.


When the battery hits a certain percentage, such as 20% or 10%, phones may alert the user. Switch to a low-power mode that will conserve power. It is a one-stop-shop solution that disables all unnecessary functions at once. It lowers the screen brightness, mutes some visual effects, disables functions like automatically checking email, and more.

3.      Change Your Notification Settings And App Preferences Before You Go!

Finding a hotspot abroad, especially if you have turned off your cellular data, is an exciting experience. When you finally connect to a Wi-Fi network, your apps will begin updating and refreshing, draining your battery. A further source of battery waste is when an app repeatedly awakens the screen with notifications.

Tip to Preserve Battery

Turn off auto-update and some notifications. That way, the apps will only reload and drain power when you actively utilize them. If you don’t want to get alerts, you can disable them in the settings. In the Google Play or iTunes store settings, disable the option to download updates.

4.      Turn off Location Services

You can use a location service to find local cafes while strolling down. If you use Google Maps, the app can automatically pinpoint your current position. However, is it worth the drain on your battery the app causes? Likely not.


Disable location services unless you use an app that requires it. Activate it temporarily. Turning off GPS, Bluetooth, AirDrop (iPhone), and Wi-Fi can also help preserve battery life.

Do not Go out in the Heat or the Cold

The last thing on your mind while lounging by the beach in Las Vegas or enjoying the apres-ski scene at an outdoor table in Whistler village is that the temperature can affect your phone’s battery life and performance. There is a temporary decrease in battery life when exposed to cold, but everything is back to normal once the device is in its optimal temperature range.

Trick to Save Battery

Keep your phone toasty by carrying it in a pocket close to your body in frigid weather. Protect your phone from the sun by keeping it in the shade or your air-conditioned hotel room when temperatures soar.

5.      Adjust Screen Brightness and OLED Displays

The screen on your phone uses the most power. Therefore, adjust the brightness for an impact on the battery life of your device. You can’t get true black on previous iPhones and Androids, but the newer versions have OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display panels, which are far more colorful. The reduced brightness is also less likely to interfere with sleep if you want to use your phone in bed.

Just Try This

Make sure the brightness on your phone is as low as your eyes can stand. Reduce power consumption and the effects of various activities. Black backgrounds work well for the home screen and lock screen. Turn on dark themes to save battery life while using apps.

6.      Stop Constant Reloading and Fetching

No one can resist the immediate thrill of social media “likes” after publishing a post of the day’s travels. Due to their continual need for updates, social networking sites like Facebook and microblogging service Twitter are notorious for draining battery life.

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