How to Draw Religious Symbols Easily

How to Draw Religious Symbols. Many people around the world belong to a religious group. There are many different religions worldwide, each with its beliefs, values, and symbols.

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Even if you’re not particularly religious, you can learn a lot from each belief system, and each should be respected.

In this guide to drawing religious symbols, we will learn how to draw some symbols associated with some of the most popular religions in the world.

You can draw a selection of these symbols at the end of the instructions!

So, get ready for a journey through the world’s religions as we begin this step-by-step guide on how to draw religious symbols in just 6 easy steps!

How to Draw Religious Symbols

Step 1

We’ll start this guide by drawing religious symbols with one of the simplest symbols in the collection.

The first will be the Christian cross; you might want a ruler handy. The cross comprises a few simple rectangular shapes, forming a T-shape.

While it’s an easier symbol than some of the following, it could still be challenging.

Just take it slow and try to get the measurements even and straight. Then we can move on to the second icon of this guide!

Step 2

In this second phase of the guide, we turn our attention to Islam. The symbol we are depicting here is the name of Allah in Arabic script.

Drawing this icon can be tricky, so we’ll split it into two parts. First, let’s draw the bottom part of the icon.

The main part of the symbol is in the shape of a W, with a wavy part emanating from the left side and a separate section on the right side.

We’ll finish this icon in a later step, but first, let’s move on to the third step.

Step 3

In the third step of this religious symbol drawing, we draw outlines for the next two symbols.

On the left, we draw the symbol of Taoism, and on the right – the wheel of Buddhism.

For the Taoism symbol, draw a perfect circle and a curved line in the middle. We’ll finish that later.

We’ll draw another circular shape for the Buddhism symbol with four small rounded protrusions protruding from the outline.

The reference image shows you where they should be placed!

Step 4

In this fourth part, we will add two more symbols to the arrangement. Above, we have the Star of David for Judaism, and below, the symbol of Hinduism.

By the star, you might want to pull out that ruler again! We draw the pointed outline of the star and add the final details in the next step.

For the Hindu symbol, please do your best to replicate the shape as it appears in our example below.

It can be tricky, so you should sketch it with a pencil, copying our example exactly.

Step 5

You’re almost ready for the last step of this guide to drawing religious symbols, but firs,t we need to add some final details.

First, use a few straighter lines for the rest of the interior details of the Jewish Star. These are drawn using triangular shapes with a hexagon in the middle.

You can then add the final details of the Islamic symbol as they appear in our reference image.

We’ll draw several small triangular shapes surrounding a central circle for the Buddhist wheel.

The cross and the Hinduism symbol are already done, so some small circles are added to the Taoism symbol as final details.

Once this information is complete, you can add more personal information! Maybe you could draw a background or add more religious symbols that weren’t included.

Step 6

Now it’s time to complete this collection of religious symbols with some colors. We have shown you some colors in our reference picture that you can choose.

We used brown for the cross and then gray for the Jewish star. Then we used red for the symbol of Islam and then blue for the Buddhist wheel.

Finally, we used pink for the Hinduism symbol and gray for the Taoist symbol.

These are the colors we chose. However, do you think you will choose other colors for your design? We can’t wait to see what you’re looking for!

Your Religious Symbols Drawing is Finished!

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