How to Cleanse Your Smartphone During Cold & Flu Season?

Once again, we are in the midst of the cold and flu season. You may be doing everything possible to prevent getting sick. However, it does not mean you are giving your cell phone the same care. We carry our phones everywhere, even into the bathroom or other potentially contaminated areas (think: public restrooms). So, it is not shocking that our phones may harbor bacteria!

Preventing the Spread of Germs on Your Cell Phone

Don’t fret, though. Maintaining a gem-free and clean cell phone may be done quickly and easily. Learn the proper technique to clean your phone with these detailed instructions.

1.   Turn Off Your Cell Phone

We often forget to turn off our phones before cleaning them. Did you realize that you can increase your device’s lifespan by doing one easy thing?

When your phone is turned off, you reduce the risk of damaging its sensitive internal components with water. Turning off your phone’s power supply before washing it can also help prevent liquid cleaners from seeping into cracks and creating corrosion.

2.  Remove its Protective Case!

It is best to do this after you have put your phone to sleep and removed it from its case. It will allow you to more easily reach the hard-to-reach places where dirt and filth tend to accumulate.

3.  Clean Your Hands

Everyone is well aware of the fact that their cell phone is a breeding ground for bacteria. Researchers have found that they can harbor even more germs than toilet seats. Therefore, you should wash your hands before attempting to wipe your phone. If you do not, you can wind up contaminating additional people.

4.   Remove Outer Dirt

To begin, wipe your phone’s screen with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove any visible dust, dirt, fingerprints, or debris. Harsh chemicals and abrasive cleansers can scratch your phone’s finish. Therefore, you should avoid them.

5.   Choose the Appropriate Antibacterial Cleaner

Use an antibacterial wipe to clean the phone’s exterior gently. Cleaning your phone with 70% isopropyl alcohol spray and a soft cloth is another option. Just make sure you have the proportions right for the 70% alcohol. It is a must to prevent germs from spreading on your phone. Focus on the places where your fingers like to rest (think: the home button, power button, volume controls, etc.).

Do not let any of the ports get wet. You should check the manufacturer’s guidelines before applying any of these products to your gadget.

6.   Dry the Extra Moisture

A wet phone is easily damaged. So, once you have done cleaning, dry the device on the dry side of the cloth. Make sure your phone is completely dry before resealing its cover.

7.   Cleanse Your Mobile Phone Case

Check the cover of your phone. Examine the area to check if any clumps of dirt or filth have settled there. In that scenario, you can clean it by soaking it in warm, soapy water for a few minutes and then washing it with a gentle toothbrush or cloth.

After the elimination of any significant accumulation, rinse your case thoroughly with clean water. After that, use a soft cloth to pat it dry. Clean any leftover dirt or fingerprints with a microfiber cloth after drying the phone case.

Finally, use a cotton swab dampened in rubbing alcohol to eliminate any remaining residue. After it has dried completely, you can reattach the case to your phone. You can extend the life of your cell phone case and keep it looking brand new with minimal effort.

That is all! Your cell phone is now spotless and free of germs. If you suspect your phone has come into contact with a sick person, you should repeat this process often.

Think About Visiting a Cell Phone Repair Professional

Customers bring their devices to shops that fix broken cell phones for several reasons, including cleaning. One good argument is that professional cleaning services have the supplies, equipment, and specialized cleaning products to get the job done right.

They also know how to clean a cell phone carefully so that the charging port, headphone jack, and SIM card slot remain undamaged. To ensure your mobile phone is clean, take it to a professional who works with cell phones. You will only need to go to one place to take care of your phone, saving you time and effort.

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