How Economical is The Data Science Certification Course in Bangalore?

The reasonability of data science certification courses in Bangalore depends on various external and internal factors. In this blog, we will traverse through these factors in detail to give you a holistic understanding of the economic data science program in Bangalore.


Do you know that Bangalore holds most IT companies and educational institutes providing data science training?


With the prospect of generating skilled data science professionals, these institutes have designed courses for all expertise levels.


Suppose you are a fresh graduate looking to start a data science career or an experienced professional seeking to transition into the data science field. In that case, data science certification courses in Bangalore have something to offer you all.

Now, Let’s categorize the factors to have a clear picture of the issue.

  1. The reputation of the institution- The reputation and credentials play a huge role in contributing to the budget for the data science course.  The institute has a stronger foundation and accreditation from renowned organizations like Microsoft, IBM, etc.. It is more likely to have high-cost course fees than institutions with no proper credibility. However, due to these accreditations, the quality of training and resources they supply to learners pays off the price.


  1. Timeline of the Program- There is a range of courses curated based on the needs of an individual aspirant. For example, if you are an experienced professional just wanting to upskill yourself, you might opt for a fast-track executive course with a shorter period. Similarly, entirely fresh graduates will opt for the coursework that provides an in-depth understanding of data science along with hands-on experience with relevant tools and software. Thus, it is evident that they will choose a curriculum with a long-term duration. And in most cases, short-term courses are more economical than long-term courses. But, you should note that short-term courses provide only an outline of the subject with limited resources and exposure to data science tools.


  1. Proficiency Level – The course level also decides the affordability of the curriculum. Beginners generally opt for the introductory course type. These introductory courses are more reasonable. However, the advanced courses that educate on detailed concepts are expensive. Advanced data science courses often provide practical training for implementing learned concepts in real-world data analytics scenarios. Thereby adding to the data science course price in Bangalore. The advanced curriculum also includes domain specialization, machine learning, statistical analysis, artificial intelligence, deep learning, etc. While beginner courses aim to give foundational knowledge of data science, advanced courses narrow their focus to particular topics and skills essential for a blooming data science career ahead.


  1. Diverse Payment Options- It is evident in many situations that even if individuals opt for quality education, they compromise their wishes due to budget constraints. For this reason, several data science institutes in Bangalore offer multiple payment options to aspirants who can’t afford to down payment the entire amount. This automatically makes the curriculum economical.  Options like no cost-EMI, easy installments, and credit or debit card payment make the coursework more pursuable.


  1. Additional Benefits- Besides, many data science certification courses in Bangalore offer supplementary benefits like course completion certificates, project completion certificates, internship opportunities, placement support, career guidance, etc. These additional benefits increase the worth of the data science curriculum, but they also add to the overall cost of the course. It is vital to select the appropriate course that has several benefits in addition to the modules. So, always weigh the benefits against the course offerings.



List of Institutes Offering Economic Data Science Certification Courses in Bangalore

  1. INSOFE (International School of Engineering)- It offers certification in data science and big data engineering with a course fee of INR 3-4 lakhs.
  2. ISI Bangalore (Indian Statistical Institute)- They provide a bachelor’s degree in statistical data science and charge INR 1lakh per semester.
  3. Simplilearn- They teach a master’s program in data science with a course fee of INR 60,000 to 100000 depending on the module.
  4. UpGrad- They are known for inferring postgraduate diplomas in data science and charge course fees of INR 200000 to 300000 lakhs based on the course distribution and modules.
  5. Learnbay- They offer a variety of programs in data science starting with master certification, advanced certification, foundational course, and data analytics program, etc. Learnbay’s data science course price in Bangalore ranges from INR 75,000 to 1,35000.
  6. Manipal ProLearn- It provides a graduate diploma program in data science with a curriculum fee of INR 80,000 to 100000.
  7. AnalytixLabs- They provide short-term courses on data science that generally have pricing starting from INR 25,000 to 50,000.


It is important to conduct extensive research and compare each course’s price and its benefits. This ensures getting the right fit course that aligns with your preferences. These factors are the key elements to consider while deciding on an economic data science certification course in Bangalore.

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