Exploring Global Health Issues through Nursing Class Assignment

Global Health Issues through Nursing Class Assignment


Global health issues pose significant challenges to healthcare systems worldwide, and nurses play a pivotal role in addressing these complex problems. As future healthcare professionals, nursing students must gain a comprehensive understanding of global health issues and their implications. Incorporating global health topics into nursing class assignment can help students develop a broader perspective and a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of health on a global scale. This article explores the importance of exploring global health issues in nursing education, the benefits it offers, and how nursing class assignment can be used as a platform to foster global health awareness and competency among nursing students.

Understanding Global Health Issues

Defining Global Health:

Global health refers to the study, research, and practice of addressing health challenges that transcend national borders. It involves collaboration and cooperation among countries and international organizations to promote health equity and address health disparities.

Key Global Health Issues:

Some prominent global health issues that nursing students should explore include:

Infectious Diseases:

Outbreaks of infectious diseases like COVID-19, Ebola, and Zika virus continue to have global impacts on public health and require coordinated responses.

Maternal and Child Health:

High maternal mortality rates and child mortality rates persist in many low-income countries, highlighting the need for improved healthcare access and services.

Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs):

NCDs, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer, are on the rise globally, necessitating preventive measures and comprehensive care.

Access to Healthcare:

Disparities in healthcare access and affordability affect vulnerable populations worldwide.

Environmental Health:

Climate change and environmental factors have implications for public health, affecting disease patterns and access to resources.

Benefits of Exploring Global Health Issues in Nursing Class Assignment

Global Perspective:

Exploring global health issues in NURS FPX 4050 Assessment 2 helps students gain a broader perspective on healthcare challenges and solutions beyond their own country’s borders. This global mindset is vital in today’s interconnected world.

Cultural Competence:

Working on global health assignments exposes nursing students to diverse cultural practices and healthcare beliefs, enhancing their cultural competence when caring for patients from various backgrounds.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving:

Global health challenges are multifaceted and complex, requiring nursing students to think critically and develop effective problem-solving skills to address these issues.

Advocacy and Awareness:

By exploring global health issues, nursing students can become advocates for marginalized populations and raise awareness of global health disparities.

Cross-Cultural Communication:

Engaging with global health topics fosters cross-cultural communication skills, enabling nursing students to communicate effectively with individuals from different cultural backgrounds.

Incorporating Global Health Topics in Nursing Class Assignments

Case Studies on Global Health Crises:

Develop case studies that require students to analyze real-world global health crises and propose evidence-based interventions.

Research Projects on Global Health Trends:

Assign research projects that focus on the prevalence and impact of global health issues, allowing students to explore the latest data and trends.

Simulation Exercises in Cross-Cultural Settings:

Utilize simulation labs to create scenarios that challenge nursing students to provide care in cross-cultural settings, encouraging cultural sensitivity and adaptability.

Global Health Partnerships:

Establish partnerships with international healthcare institutions to offer nursing students opportunities for global health experiences, either through virtual exchanges or short-term international placements.


Incorporating global health issues into nursing class assignments is essential for preparing nursing students to become competent and compassionate global healthcare providers. By exploring the complexities of global health challenges, nursing students develop critical thinking skills, cultural competence, and a broader understanding of healthcare disparities around the world. As nursing education evolves, it becomes increasingly crucial to integrate global health topics into nursing class assignment, nurturing a generation of nurses who are well-equipped to address the global health issues of today and tomorrow. Through their commitment to global health awareness and action, nursing students can make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals and communities worldwide.

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