Driving Your Dream Car: Renting Car Tips

If you plan to go somewhere far or from one part to another part of the country, stay for a while. Renting a car is the best choice. It’ll make your journey a breeze of convenience, and plus, you’ll be driving your dream car without actually purchasing it! Want to make the process a piece of cake? Check out Carly, where you sign up and book your car in minutes! Grab saving deals using the Carly Promo Code We thought to give you a hand by giving you some tips that’ll help you in your car renting journey. Worry not; it won’t be that daunting if you follow the tips.

Book your car rental subscription in advance:

During peak holidays, you certainly will get some high prices, so booking your subscription in advance is wise.

Don’t rent cars from the Airport:

Renting cars from airports will cost you more because they charge higher because they charge higher due to the demand.

Always choose cars after consideration:

Remember, you don’t have to buy a super ultra car; look at your budget and needs. You don’t need to buy a heavy car. Choose cars that are budget-friendly with low fuel consumption.

Consider the age requirement:

Different rental companies have unique age requirements. Some companies don’t provide their services to drivers under age 21; some limit it to under 25, while others don’t have an upper limit. So, be sure to check company policies regarding age restrictions prior to confirming your booking.

Be mindful of insurance policies:

You should register for insurance for uncertainties of the journey. But Never hesitate to ask for clarifications regarding the policies of the insurance. It’s vital to precisely understand what you’re covered for, especially for what you are not.

Inspect the Car Before Departure:

It is incredibly important to inspect your rental car prior to your journey thoroughly. Damage accountability operates on an inflexible ‘last to use it’ policy. This means that if a defect exists upon returning – whilst overlooked at the outset – you will likely bear responsibility and extra costs. Pay attention to all details, including paint scratches, dents, cracked or chipped glass, interior damage, or suspicious stains. Ensure everything in the car is in smooth working condition, too. The headlights, tail lights, turn signals, windscreen wipers, brakes, air conditioner, radio, and every technology or appliance within must function optimally.

Remember, out-of-use amenities are as critical as detectable damage signs. If your car has a GPS, ensure the system is accurate and functioning appropriately. Be careful in inspecting the quality and adequacy of your rental vehicle’s safety equipment – like spare tires, car jack, lug wrench, etc.

The initial vehicle inspection is an efficient tactic to protect oneself against unjust charges. Snap photos, preferably panoramic ones that provide an overall perspective of the car – and be sure to share these with the rental company’s office. If there’s a dispute upon the return, these photos will provide irrefutable evidence. Don’t just depend on your words; prove the state of the vehicle at the time of pick-up to set expectations and assurance.

Fill up your Car Beforehand:

Rentals generally charge a settled cost for their fuel, which is fairly higher than the market rate. Thus, it is advised to return the car with a full tank.

Understand the Fees:

Renting a car often comes with many extra fees that you may not know initially. Don’t forget to accurately understand all possible charges, including late return fees, extra driver fees, vehicle upgrade fees, etc.

Keep necessary documents handy:

Having the necessary documentation easily accessible is crucial when venturing into renting a car. First is your driver’s license — a valid, state-approved legal document verifying you as a driver. Depending on a rental company’s locality or specific regulations, an International Driving Permit may be required if you’re a foreign renter. Coupled with your driver’s license, carry your credit card along. It acts as a safety net to cover any incidental charges from possible damages to the vehicle or late return fees. Ensure the card has enough limit to cover these potential costs, avoiding embarrassing situations at the rental counter.

Another pivotal document would be your proof of insurance. Some car rental services may impose the condition of valid personal car insurance when renting a vehicle. Not to mention, if you have a cover to fund potential reimbursements, it helps reduce any additional cost from your pocket for a temporary car insurance cover given by the rental agency itself. Also, it would be smart to keep handy any identification documents, along with a recent utility bill or similar proof of address – many companies like to see proof of a stable residence. So be thorough when prepping up for renting, checking company guidelines exhaustingly. You wouldn’t want to face roadblocks in your renting journey due to a missing piece of identification!

Drive Carefully:

Naturally, drive carefully! Make sure to adhere to traffic rules, drive slowly in unfamiliar territory, and park the car safely to avoid any unnecessary damage.


Renting a car isn’t rocket science; you can buy one for a good price. So be sure to check out Carly because it’s your cheaper ticket for the best rental cars in minutes! Visit Carly’s store page on Revounts to find a plethora of deals on their car renting service.

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