Can you Download a Video from Facebook?

Can we download a video from Facebook? Yes, we can download videos from Facebook but we have to find methods to download videos directly from FB. Facebook is a huge online platform that allows you to share your views and opinions and also contribute to other people’s posts.

One thing that has been searched a lot on Google by FB users these days is the question of whether I can download FB videos directly from its platform. So, this is my experience as an answer to this question. Facebook is after all a behemoth among social media platforms. But we can’t download FB videos directly from its platform. According to my experience, I found these ways to download FB videos.

  1. Changing the video URL
  2. Download FB videos without any software
  3. Use online downloaders
  4. Using third-party apps
  5. Siri shortcut method
  6. Screen recorder method

If you are someone who searched for details about this on Google, read this article! Let’s take a closer look.

Most relevant methods to download FB videos directly from FB

Changing the video URL

According to my experience, this is a better way to download FB videos without installing any software. You can change the URL in two ways. This method is suitable for any device platform such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is one of the reasons why this is a better way to download FB videos directly from its platform. You just go to Facebook and select your favorite video. Now, copy the video URL and paste the link into a new tab. Now, replace the www in the URL with “mbasic”.

Another method is to replace the URL with “m”.


  • Easy method and anyone can try this method without any technical skill
  • Without installing any software, you can download FB videos


  • We can not download FB videos of different qualities. So when uploading a video somewhere else, the quality decrease

Download FB videos without any software

This is a method I found to download FB videos directly from its platform without installing any software. This method also had its pros and cons. This method is only suitable for Android devices. This is how I used this method for my Android device. Firstly, open FB and select the video. Next, click the “Show video” icon and copy the video URL. Open a new tab and paste the video link URL. Finally, click on save the video.


  • We don’t have to install any software
  • Simple and free method


  • Only available for Android devices
  • The quality of the video may be damaged while using this method
  • Slow method and take a long time to download a video

Use online downloaders

It can be said that using online downloaders is a method that many people are using to download FB videos. We can use various online downloaders to download FB videos. These are the details of the online downloaders that I used.

My Media

This is a simple-to-use online downloader for downloading FB videos for iOS devices. It is a free online app.


  • Free app
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a very user-friendly interface


  • Only available for iOS devices


FBDown is a popular online video downloader app that is designed to be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. But when I used this app, I saw both advantages and disadvantages.


  • Free online downloader
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • The fastest app for downloading FB videos


  • Only available for non-Samsung devices
  • This app does not work on the Safari web browser. So iOS users have to install Firefox on their devices


GetFVid is another online FB video downloader that’s free to use. It works for computers, mobile phones, and tablet devices.


  • Flexible download choices
  • Properly works with any size video except very large ones, which take a while to process


  • This app doesn’t support mobile browsers very well, especially if you are using a lightweight browser
  • Chrome extension doesn’t always pick up all the video content on a page


FDownloader is a different app from other online downloaders that I found. Because it has some unique features and I didn’t find any drawbacks, to mention the least. This is a free app and you can use FDownloader to download FB videos from FB without any hitch.


  • This is a super powerful Facebook downloader online free
  • Entirely free app forever
  • Well works with any Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices
  • It has a feature option to download live videos from FB
  • Fastest app
  • Works with any web browser such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Dolphin, etc
  • No annoying ads to show


  • None found

Using third-party apps

Using third-party apps is another way to download FB videos from FB.

File Master

This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is a free app and anyone can use this app.


  • Free app
  • Easy to use


  • Not user-friendly for beginners



  • Compatible with both Android, iOS, and PC devices


  • To install this app, you have to uninstall the original FB app from your device

Siri shortcut method

Siri shortcut method is a special feature that is coming for Apple devices. When I used this method for my iPhone, I realized that this method is good for downloading Facebook videos.


  • Only useful for Apple devices

Screen recorder method

As we know, iOS devices have a screen recorder feature. What is done in this method is to turn on the recorder and record the screen. In my experience, this is an easy method but it is not a better way to download FB videos.


  • The entire screen is recorded. So the video is not quality
  • Only compatible with iOS devices
  • Damage the quality

Final review

Finally, this is my experience and I hope that this article is useful for you! Facebook is the largest online platform that has millions of downloads in the Google Play Store. So, many FB users have questions about how to download FB videos directly from Facebook. I found these ways to download FB videos and you can try all these methods. Choose the path that suits you best! Check also!

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