Best Tips to Improve Your Coding Speed in 2023

What are some tips to fasten your code development? It’s a skill to manage task overload and reduce time spent on software development. While technology is advancing, improving coding development speeds has become the need of the hour. It has become essential because it also helps you reduce the spending on that software. Most importantly, you will make a quicker entry into the software market.

As a programmer, you need to learn to code, write it, run it, and see if it has errors. If you spot an error, you fix it and run your code again. There is a series of iterations that takes time. If as a programmer you can reduce these iterations or the duration of these iterations, you can improve your code development speed.

Below, you will find some tips to improve your coding speed. A majority of programmers follow these tips, and you can also use them to improve your programming speed. Let’s get started.

Tips to improve code development speed

Productivity set-up

A great setup is essential for improving the code development speed. Moreover, when we are talking about a system, we are talking about hardware and software. In terms of hardware, you can consider having a dual monitor system, where one of the screens helps you type the code, and the other one helps you check it. Moreover, also focus on getting proper accessories such as high-quality keyboards, etc. Focus on having a system that has a great memory, hard drive, etc., so that your code runs smoothly.

When it comes down to software, you will find some AI-powered productivity tools useful for converting comments into functioning code. Those tools successfully do so based on the AI engine functioning on code.

Let’s take an example. If you are writing markers for programming languages and you write them for two languages like Python and Java, you can find tools that will automatically write the markers for the remaining languages. You can also write a function, and the tool will offer different suggestions to use it.

Such tools help programmers write code efficiently and accurately.

Brainstorming and planning

Brainstorming and planning are equally essential before you write your code. Let’s take an example of the same. If you are building a house, you will prepare an idea for the same, right? Therefore, before working on software, you must do some whiteboarding sessions and plan the technical architecture, data pipeline, information flow, etc.

It will help you and the team to be on the same page and build effective software. Many times, you will find that you write a lengthy code, and after you give it to someone for the review process, you will know that there’s already a library that serves the purpose! Just due to a lack of planning, you get to know that you could have saved hours of hard work.

Data structures and algorithms

Sound knowledge of data structures and algorithms will also be essential for writing efficiently. Before learning Python coding, spend time with data structures and algorithms. There are many programming languages, and there will be many others in the future. But the knowledge of data structures and algorithms will be handy every time. Data structures and algorithms will help you understand the nature of problems deeply and precisely.

On YouTube and online learning platforms, you can find resources for Data Structures and Algorithms that cover and explains all the concepts simply and intuitively. Moreover, with those videos, you will find exercises and simple examples for a better learning experience.

An understanding of software architecture and design patterns is also essential.

Martin Fowler is a well-known software architect, and you can also refer to his blog for getting your understanding of software architecture patterns clear.

Automate your daily processes

Let’s take an example to understand this point. Let’s consider a team of programmers working in ReactJS or some web technologies. Every time they work on a project, the team builds the program from scratch. But instead of repeating the whole process from scratch, what they can do is use a tool like Cookiecutter. In such tools, you run a command, and the tool prepares a skeleton structure of the project for you.

This way whenever you work on a new ReactJS project, instead of starting from scratch, you can automate the process.

There’s another use case that we can consider. For running tests on your comments, you can use CI/CD pipeline which can come in handy. It will automate the process and provide you with effective results.

Use Google and readymade libraries wisely.

You must also be aware of how to use Google wisely. Today, if you search for an answer on the internet you can find it on online resources. You can use those answers for building your program. But to get to the answer, it’s essential to search your query properly. You need to be smart while searching for answers.

When it comes down to using readymade libraries properly, we will have to consider another example. You want to write a retry logic in your Python code. You are calling the HTTP server, but it is failing. Now for giving up after several attempts, you will have to write a code. But wait a minute. Is it required? For such cases, there’s a library in Python called tenacity that can do the job for you with just a single line of annotation on your function.

Therefore, good searching skills and wise use of libraries can help you improve your code development speed.

Divide and conquer

The next step for faster speed is to divide large tasks into smaller portions. Your sub-tasks could mean functions, classes, or other components that you are writing. Test-driven development can be useful to test each component. Your job will be to ensure the efficiency of each component and get the desired results.

However, while working on the sub-tasks, don’t get worried about the whole picture. Worrying about the large picture will kill your productivity and not allow you to focus on the task.

Avoid distractions

This is one of the most effective tips for those who are looking to improve their code development speed. Avoid using cell phones during your coding hours. Cell Phones are distracting, and often spending time on social media apps can kill your creativity. You must organize your schedule in a way so that you can learn to code peacefully.

In such cases, you can fix a particular slot in your day and code during those hours. Tweak your schedule and manage time for coding during your most productive hours. If you are working on a complex program, distractions will hamper your analytical mindset. Whenever you will encounter a problem, your mind will try to avoid it and focus on something else. Even if you are learning Python coding, you must avoid distractions. Distractions during the learning process can affect your progress. Therefore, keep everything aside and focus!

Good debugging skills

Good debugging skills can also help improve your code development speed. Sound knowledge of debugging skills will mean that you know how to fix errors in your program. If you are writing a program and encounter an issue, you must be in a position to identify that error and resolve it.

Many programmers get stuck in such stages and end up spending more time. But you can improve your coding speed by learning all the debugging skills like a conditional breakpoint, etc.


These are some great tips to improve your code development speed. While you have read about all these tips, you will only get better by practicing regularly. The role of a programmer is to assemble all the components and create a pipeline that ensures the seamless functioning of data. As a programmer, you will grow only when you constantly challenge yourself. Work on tasks that allow you to code effectively and test your skills regularly. Only then you will be able to improve your coding speed.

Also, if want to learning programming is difficult you can look for online Python programming courses. With the advent of so many ed-tech platforms, you can easily find an online Python programming course for your needs. A course helps you narrow down your learning approach by offering all the concepts and their explanation at hand. It would also include relatable examples that make learning a fun process. Therefore, most people prefer to enroll in online courses.

You too, have the option of choosing an online course that helps you learn quickly and effectively!

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