Best Houseplants to Gift Your Family and Friends

Houseplants make an excellent gift for everyone, especially as housewarming gifts. However, it is not necessary to wait for your family or friends to buy a house before you can gift them indoor plants as gifts. You can gift them for any reason, or no reason at all. After all, who can say no to a new lively member of their family!

Here’s a rundown on some of the best and most appropriate plants to keep indoors or gift other:

Aloe Vera

Pretty and useful- there’s no substitute for this herb! Keeping Aloe Vera in house is doubly effective as you can get fresh aloe gel and use it for skin care, hair care, or even make a drink anytime you want. You need to keep this plant in a bright space with access to uninhibited sunlight. So, the balcony or a large window might be a good space for it. As for watering, only pour some when the surface of the soil is completely dry.

ZZ Plant

Another plant that thrives on limited water intake is the ZZ plant. It actually stores water within to tolerate droughts- amazing, right? According to florist jacksonville fl, it also needs very little direct light. In fact, keeping it in a shady corner will help it thrive even more. The only downside is that this plant is slightly larger in size than the others. So, find a spacey corner of your home or apartment and enjoy this beautiful plant.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Do you think taking care of orchids are a tedious and time-consuming task? Well, not for all of them. The Phalaenopsis orchid is one of the orchids that are pretty easy to maintain, and their flowers last for a long time. And do we even have to ask if you’re a fan of these pretty flowers?! Bright indirect lights and occasional watering will keep this plant in shape for a long time. For more grenhouse plants delivery in Jacksonville FL, check out online Jacksonville flower shop Spencer’s Floriste.

Snake Plant

Here’s your organic, zero-cost, personal air purifier! Keep the snake plant in your bedroom or any other contained room, and it will do its job of purifying the air perfectly. You only need to give them a trip to the balcony (where the sun shines bright) once every few weeks. As for watering, once a week is sufficient. Also, its equally popular for its aesthetic value.

Money Tree

Funny as the name sounds, in some cultures, it is actually believed that this tall indoor plant brings good luck and prosperity to the house. However, even if you’re a non-believer in those myths, you can still choose a money tree as your indoor companion for its beauty and ease of maintenance. Keep it in a place where it can get bright sunlight for a few hours. Water occasionally or only when the surface of the soil is dry and cracked.

String of pearls

It is one of the most unusual and interesting houseplants that you can find. As the name suggests, it looks like multiple strings of pearls embedded together. This gorgeous plant is great for display on your balcony or window, since it needs bright and direct sunlight for several hours a day. Watering on the other hand, needs to be done only once in two weeks or so.if you are lover riding then read this blog 2023  dirt bike for adults.

Peace Lily

Our personal favorite, peace lily is a really beautiful plant to have in your home. The flowers that come every year are simply gorgeous in pristine white. Keeping them in bedrooms is a good idea as they need limited light. However, you should be extra careful if you have pets in your house. This is not very safe for them if chewed on.

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