Benefits of Using Harpic 5 Ltr for Large Facility Maintenance

Maintaining a clean and germ-free environment is one of the most important responsibilities of office managers. Apart from offices, large facilities with high footfall, like shops, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, malls, and airports, require frequent cleaning and sanitisation efforts. These efforts, however, can be challenging in some ways.

Challenges of cleaning large facilities

Due to the size and spread, it is challenging to maintain large facilities and prevent the spread of germs, infections, and diseases. Schools, offices, restaurants, and hospitals can quickly turn into hotspots for diseases if proper care is not taken. However, punctilious maintenance work can do the job effectively. The cleaning crew and maintenance staff should pay special attention to floors, toilets, and washrooms. Finding the right cleaning products that can remove dirt, dust, and stains while sanitising the toilets is crucial. The right product will help the cleaning crew clean better with less time and effort, thus maximising the utilisation of resources.

Harpic Toilet Cleaner 

Harpic is India’s No. 1 brand of toilet and bathroom cleaners. The brand is a household favourite in India and is trusted by most facilities and maintenance management companies in the country. The Indian Medical Association recommends the Harpic range of cleaners for their superlative sanitisation and disinfection properties.

This brand provides effective cleaning and disinfection solutions for both household and commercial use. Their Harpic Bathroom Cleaner is a great option for cleaning and disinfecting tiles, sinks, countertops, and stainless-steel fixtures. Additionally, their Harpic Power Plus Toilet cleaner can leave your toilet bowl sparkling clean and eliminate harmful germs.

Why is Harpic the right pick for large facilities? 

  • Spotless Shine – Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is crucial for large facilities like offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. To help cleaning crews achieve a spotless and stain-free shine, Harpic provides a powerful cleaning formula. Harpic bathroom and toilet cleaners effectively remove regular dirt, dust, mud, grease spots, stains, and limescale.
  • Germ-free Protection – Besides providing a spotless shine, Harpic toilet and bathroom cleaners offer germ-free protection. They can eliminate up to 99.9% of germs from the toilet bowl, washroom nooks, and crannies. Harpic also kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi that thrive in toilets’ damp environments, helping keep employees, customers, and visitors safe.
  • Easy-to-use – Using Harpic products is easy and can help maintenance staff clean multiple toilets and washrooms quickly. The thick formula of Harpic toilet cleaner clings to the surface of the toilet bowl and provides complete cleaning from rim to U-bend in just a few minutes.
  • Fragrant freshness – One common challenge cleaning crews face is the strong chemical smell left behind by many cleaning products. Harpic toilet cleaners come in fresh fragrances, including Original, Rose, and Orange. These fragrances leave the premises smelling wonderful when employees or visitors enter.
  • Inventory management – Harpic toilet cleaners are available in 5-litre packs, making them easy to store and use in large facilities. Offices and facilities with high consumption of cleaning products can benefit from the cost-effective Harpic 5 litre price.


Maintaining large facilities can often be accompanied by substantial cleaning expenses. However, it stands out as a smart choice when it comes to cost-effectiveness in facility maintenance.

Concentrated Formula: Harpic 5 Ltr is renowned for its concentrated cleaning formula. This means that a little goes a long way. A small amount of the product can be diluted with water to cover a significant cleaning area, making it exceptionally cost-effective for large facilities.

Reduced Frequency: Due to its potent cleaning power, Harpic 5 Ltr reduces the need for frequent cleaning sessions. With longer-lasting results, you’ll find yourself using less product and allocating fewer resources to cleaning tasks, ultimately saving time and money.

Economical Packaging: Harpic offers its 5 Ltr product in packaging designed with cost-efficiency in mind. The larger container reduces the frequency of replacements, further lowering operational costs for facility maintenance.

Value for Money: When you consider the combination of efficient cleaning, extended usage, and economical packaging, Harpic 5 Ltr offers exceptional value for money. It maximizes your cleaning budget, making it a preferred choice for large facilities with stringent financial considerations.

Environmental Considerations

In today’s world, sustainability and environmental responsibility are paramount. Large facilities, in particular, have a significant ecological footprint. Harpic recognizes the importance of these considerations and aligns them with eco-friendly principles in several ways.

  • Biodegradability: Harpic 5 Ltr is formulated with biodegradable ingredients. This means that as the product breaks down over time, it does so in an environmentally friendly manner, reducing its impact on ecosystems.
  • Reduced Water Usage: Its concentrated formula saves money and conserves water. With less water required for dilution, it contributes to water conservation efforts, a critical consideration for responsible facility management.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Harpic’s commitment to the environment extends to its packaging. The brand seeks to reduce plastic waste by using recyclable materials and minimizing excess packaging wherever possible.
  • Sustainable Practices: It continually explores sustainable practices in its manufacturing processes, striving to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact.


All in all, Harpic 5 Ltr is a fantastic solution in major facility maintenance, where efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability are critical. Its concentrated mixture saves money by decreasing the number of cleaning appointments. This cost-effective option offers outstanding value for your maintenance budget.

Furthermore, Harpic’s environmental devotion is admirable. It adheres to responsible facility management and environmental stewardship concepts with biodegradable materials, decreased water consumption, and eco-friendly packaging.


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