Decode & Understand The Meaning Behind Your Apple Serial Number

Apple product serial numbers include a codified language code that can reveal information about your Apple device that cannot be learned in any other way, such as date of manufacture. However, this information might be useful for curiosities or to assist you in troubleshooting issues with your equipment.

Benefits of Decoding the Serial Number

For various purposes, decoding Apple product serial numbers can be helpful. 

  • Finding out which factory the gadget was made in or the manufacturing date will help you determine which replacement parts to obtain if you want to fix your device. 
  • Additionally, some items made in particular factories or on specific dates may have known difficulties.
  • Understanding the serial number structure might help you diagnose issues with your equipment.

So let’s start deciphering their complex code.

The Easiest way: Type the Serial No into an online Service

Entering your serial number into an online service is the easiest way to decode it. The serial number of your Apple device can be located either on the device or in the settings menu. In addition, on Apple’s official website, you may access a service that can help you find out the model of your device, if it has a valid purchase date, and whether Apple’s technical support is still available.

Serial Number Search Tool

You may learn many more details about your Apple device with the Apple Serial Number Search tool. With this tool, you can look up Apple devices by serial number and EMC number, model identifier, and model number. Additionally, you can use any combination of keywords, the Apple Part Number, a part number found on the component, or both to search for Apple parts using this tool.

Decode by Yourself

Apple product serial numbers have a structure that makes it possible to decipher some information visually. Apple devices manufactured after 2010 typically have 12-character alphanumeric serial numbers, with the first three digits identifying the manufacturing location, the next two indicating the year and week of production, the following three serving as a unique identification, and the final four being the model number.

1: First Three Digits 

A unique alphanumeric code identifies each production facility at the beginning of the serial number. Apple produces its products on several sites like 

FC represents “Fountain Colorado, USA,” RN represents “Mexico,” CK represents   “Cork, Ireland,” and SG represents “Singapore.” Unfortunately, not all location codes for the factories where Apple makes its devices are known.

2: Fourth Character 

The fourth character in the serial number denotes the year the device was made and whether it was made in the first or second half of the year. For instance 

  • C 2010 (1st half)
  • D 2010 (2nd half)
  • F 2011 (1st half)
  • G 2011 (2nd half)
  • H 2012 (1st half)

3: Fifth Character 

The fifth character indicates the device’s manufacturing week. The first through ninth weeks are represented by the digits 1 through 9. The tenth through twenty-seventh weeks are represented by the characters C through Y, excluding the letters S and the vowels A, E, I, O, and U. As an instance, a product having the serial number “JH” as its fourth and fifth digits was created in the 40th week of 2012.

4: Next Three Digits

Assuring that each Apple device has a unique serial number, the following three digits are an identifier code that distinguishes each similar-model Apple product made in the same country, on the same day, and in the same year.

5: Last Four Digits

The product model is determined by the last four digits of the serial number.

Additionally, the serial numbers for Apple cell phones include details regarding the color and storage capacity of the device.

Final Words

Decoding serial numbers is very beneficial. The serial number displays the manufacturing date and location. So if you need to locate replacement components or the factory where your gadget was made, it can be pretty helpful.

The device has the serial number printed on it. Look up the number in your device’s settings if it is scratched or worn. It is also written on the box the device was packaged in.

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