5 Ways Firewall Technology Strengthens Wooden Structures

Firewall technology is one of the latest advancements in the wooden structure. It prevents the spreading of fire. It doesn’t burn itself and hence prevents the quick spreading of fire. This technology is extremely useful for areas that withstand the high risk of catching fire, like the kitchen. The furnishing of the kitchen must be done with wood having firewall technology infused in them so that in the future if any tragedy occurs, fire doesn’t spread quickly and can be controlled.

CenturyPly comes with this firewall technology inculcated in them which makes them a superb option to be used in the kitchen décor. Kitchen cabinets, doors, flooring, etc., should be made with plywood having this firewall technology so that no major accidents due to fire take place in the future.

How Firewall Technology Strengthens Wooden Structures?

Wood is susceptible to fire. It quickly catches the fire, burns itself, and also transmits it to nearby items. Thus, when selecting wood for furnishing, especially in the kitchen, it is a major concern that it might cause big fire accidents. To reduce this risk, plywood having firewall technology is used in the kitchen.

Following are some ways in which firewall technology strengthens wooden structures:

Reduces flammability of wooden structures

Plywood infused with firewall technology does not catch fire easily and gets burnt. Under usual circumstances, wood catches fire within a few minutes and gets ignited. Firewall technology strengthens the wood by lowering its flammability and prevents the damage that might occur to it if it catches fire.

Reduces fire penetration

One of the reasons why fire accidents in kitchens become apocalypse is due to the easy penetration of fire through wooden materials. Small fires penetrate easily and burn everything. Plywood having firewall technology doesn’t let fire penetrate it easily. It takes several minutes for the fire to get inside such plywood and burn it. This increases the time to be utilized for rescue. Till the time fire penetrated the plywood, rescue would have already been done. The firewall technology is not only applied on the surface but inside each grain of wood in the plywood. This makes the plywood stronger from the core, and no serious damage is caused to it by the fire.

Extra strength

Firewall technology involves the incorporation of small nano-particles in the structure of the wood and then securing them using adhesives. These small particles, along with the adhesives, make the plywood stronger. They also prevent damage to the plywood during any fire incident, and it withstands the fire. Even after catching the fire, strength and durability remain unaffected. Thus, plywood having firewall technology has extra strength; its own inherent strength and the strength of the adhesives used in it.

Less smoke emission

Plywood having firewall technology does not emit smoke while burning. On the first note, they do not burn such easily, but even if they do, they do not release much smoke, due to which suffocation does not occur. The major reason for casualties during any fire incident is suffocation due to smoke. Plywood infused with firewall technology does not emit smoke, and rescue becomes easy. Plywood with firewall technology has fire-retardant chemicals, which lead to less smoke emission.

Preserving the structure

Firewall technology strengthens the wooden structure by preserving their structure during any fire accident. Plywood sheets having fire wall technology do not get burned, and no harm is caused to their structure. This makes the wooden structures used in the kitchen durable. Even after facing a fire accident, their strength and durability are not affected much, and they continue to perform well.


Firewall technology is essentially one of the best furnishing technologies that promise the utmost security. It secures your residential and commercial spaces against serious fire accidents. Brands like CenturyPly are doing unparalleled work in promoting such safe and secure technology through their products.


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